Episode 20 - Surprise Boner

Hello hello hello! We're back with a banked episode from July where we sat down and chatted with the amazing Jen Ponton! Jen's performance story isn't unfamiliar (and not too dissimilar from our own stories) - she started in theatre and ran into a bit of wall. Unfortunately the theatre world hasn't seemed to have caught up when it comes to telling the stories of fat people.  But when she made a bit of a career switch she found the world of film and television to be more forward thinking.  She's got several credits under her belt including the lead in an indie film that came out this past fall called Love on the Run

She's rocking the comedy world and one of the awesome ladies paving the way for more acceptance and richer stories for fat people to tell.  

It was so easy to talk with Jen about our experiences auditioning for theatre. For those of you who aren't actors, Nicole Byer showcases one of the many... quirks... that come up when pursuing a job. 

It's funny, cause it's true. 

Please check out Jen on twitter (she promises less yelling nowadays) and instagram (lots of cute pics of her pupper!) And if you're in the biz and need some marketing support or direction, make sure you hit her up at gobeyondthepostcard.com

Poscast Update!

Hey Poscast Listeners- it's been a minute, huh? Lots of life changes over here have delayed us getting new episodes out for you and we're so SORRY! Here's the good news; we've got an episode banked from the summer (featuring the super amazing Jen Ponton) that should be up in the next week or so! Then we're going to enjoy the holidays and be back in 2018 with brand new episodes! 

We really love doing this podcast and hope you like it too! Whenever we hear from a listener it totally makes our day, but we recently got a message from a listener (Hey Katrina!) who shared her experience with body politics in the medical community. Her wife Trisha had been suffering from digestive issues and when she brought it up with her doctor he pushed bypass surgery.  He assumed from looking at her that her issues were a result of her weight, made up his mind, and didn't look into it further.  When she switched doctors she learned that she has gastroparesis (basically her stomach doesn't empty when it should) and that because of this condition, bypass surgery would actually have likely killed her. Her original doctor could not see past his fat phobia to treat her properly. 

I was recently asked why I think the body positive movement is important and while I feel there are a million reasons why, this is an amazing example of why it matters so much.  Keep fighting the good fight and spreading the body positive love everyone! 

Have an amazing holiday season and we'll see you in January! 

XOXO - Lillian and Liza 

Episode 19 - Segues?

We KNOW we're not the only ones who experience those moments, when you're getting ready to leave the house and just NOTHING is going your way. Nothing fits right, your favorite bra is suuuuper dirty and your messy bun is TOO messy and it can lead to total meltdown. We didn't need a Dove report to tell us that - but how great is it that someone out there is looking into this kind of thing and trying to figure out ways to prevent it?!

Lillian had a really bad experience with a new doctor recently and it just sucks having to be wary of situations like that.  Here you are, trying to take care of your health and you're stressing about whether or not the doctor is going to be blinded by the number on the scale or be able to address the actual issue that brought you in that day.  Luckily someone has compiled an ever-growing list of fat friendly doctors (thanks internet!)


(That's the link! Go go go, subscribe, like, share all that good stuff please!) 

Episode 18 - Sorry!

In our effort to be super inclusive, we tend to apologize waaaaay too much- to each other, to our listeners, sometimes to inanimate objects. For this we are truly... sorry? (no but really, we're gonna work on that!) 

New things are happening you guys! Now you can not only LISTEN to the poscast (right here on the website AND/OR by subscribing on iTunes!) but you can also WATCH some of the poscast via our brand new YOUTUBE CHANNEL

There you'll find some fun extras including things that didn't make the podcast cut.  So if you want to see more of our faces, head on over and subscribe to our channel! 

Summer is finally here and while that means sunshine, no school, beaches and vacation it also means bathing suits, sunscreen, and the dreaded chub rub - but this new video by Miss Eaves has us dreading chub rub no more! 

On a less fun note, can you believe that this ad made it past probably several rooms of people for approval? Thanks to backlash it has since been removed from the campaign but seriously - teaching children to love themselves no matter how they look is already an uphill battle without the help of harmful advertising like this. Do better please! 

Episode 17 - The Women's March

**We recorded this poscast at the end of January, right after the march. Apologies for the delayed posting! 

What a day! From the pictures comparing the crowd in DC at the march and the crowd at the inauguration, to the feeds coming in from cities and countries around the world, the Women's March that took place on January 21st was a great demonstration. I don't know about you, but it gave me just a little bit of hope that the US hasn't actually gone crazy. Of course as liberals and conscientious people we have to look at everything with a bit of a critical eye.  There were several groups who felt left out during the march and personally I think it's important to talk about that.

In this episode you can really hear Liza struggle a bit to sort it all out- join us won't you?! How did you feel about the march? If you're a minority, did you feel left out of the march? If you don't consider yourself a minority, was this the first protest you supported? Have you heard of TERF's?  Liza felt a bit naive during this poscast, but was glad to have the concern brought to her attention.  Seriously you guys - get in touch and let us know what you think! 

For a clearer picture on intersectionality and what it means, make sure you check out Kimberle Crenshaw's Ted Talk.  

The battle has just begun - the march was a great catalyst, a wonderful beginning to the work that needs to be done.  We think it's all about doing the work that you CAN do. Holding the people in power in your town accountable and making sure that they know you're counting on them to uphold the things that you believe in.

Links for awesomness:

Petitions galore - Change.org and Petition the Whitehouse are great resources. 

Action Apps for your phone - Call Trump Out, Countable, and Swing Left 

Americans of Conscience - Jennifer Hoffman has a weekly checklist (archived all the way back to November) for "Democrats, Independents and Republicans of Conscience"

Episode 16 - Hairspray Live! & Cookie Cutter Eating Disorders

Photo credit: people.com

We're back and taking you back to talk about Hairspray Live! While it didn't surpass our love of The Wiz, Hairspray was a fun night of entertainment.  But of course, as per usual, your fave is problematic. Hairspray has a built in body positive storyline, but casting choices and unfunny fat jokes peppered into the script make the impact much less affective. Baby steps, we guess?

Twitter can be a wasteland of snarky subtweets and cyber bullying, but every now and then it's a source of supreme entertainment.  During the recent women's march in DC (and all over the world, really! Don't worry, we'll have an episode about that soon!) Piers Morgan took to twitter to protest (?) the very idea.  Lucky for us, Patton Oswalt retaliated and the thread that followed was just amazing. It's always nice to see people in positions of power use their influence for good! 

Food addiction is something that we touched on before and after doing a little more research on the subject it was great to circle back and finally talk about a topic that was submitted by a listener.  When you think about what an eating disorder looks like, a common picture of an emaciated body comes to mind.  But the fact of the matter is that eating disorders are not one size fits all.  Not only is it a mental disease (so not actually something that you can see necessarily) but also the term "eating disorder" is a large umbrella that covers anorexia, bulimia, food addiction, and overeating among other things.  What can you do when you don't fit the mold of eating disorder?

In our continuing effort to help you fill your life with positivity, we highly recommend you check out Megan  over at BodyPosiPanda.  Her website and instagram feed are full of positivity and inspiration, plus she's just a magical unicorn of a lady (seriously, she's got rainbow hair!) 

Episode 15 - Election Results

What? Did you think we weren't going to discuss the election results heard 'round the world?

In this episode we talk about the day that a lot of our worst fears came true. But don't worry, the scary stuff only lasts for about half of the episode and we spend the rest of it talking about things that are making us happy and pushing us forward. 

If you feel as we do about the potential damage that Trump's presidency could do to our country, you may also feel at a bit of loss for what to actually do about it. Something you can do is throw your support behind organizations that work every day for the ideals that you believe in.  Here are a few of the places that will be getting our support: 


If you're local and feeling the need to get quick-y married, our friend Duncan is ordained in NY. Feel free to contact him via facebook or his website

Planned Parenthood : https://www.plannedparenthood.org/
The Trevor Project : http://www.thetrevorproject.org/
The Brennan Center for Justice: http://www.brennancenter.org/about
The ACLU : https://action.aclu.org/

And if you need more suggestions, Jezebel has an awesome list. 

The Hamilton Mixtape comes out TOMORROW (December 2nd.) If you're a Hamilfan it's a MUST listen. 

Lillian is crushing it again and looking gorgeous embracing her muffin top in this great Bustle article!

When you're ready, take some advice from Lizzo, do your hair toss, and check your nails. 

Episode 14 - Jovial Chubster Plumpstress

We're baaaaaaaaaaack! 

Are you as stressed out about this election as we are?? It feels both super important and overwhelmingly inescapable (feel free to skip about 14 minutes into this episode to avoid hearing us talk politics.) We feel like we're constantly being inundated with the awful things that Donald Trump has said/is saying/will continue to say and our rising blood pressures were a gentle reminder to take some time for self-care in these super-stressful times.  Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN.org) is great resource with information about how to avoid and deal with triggers. 


You hear all sorts of things about being pregnant - swollen ankles, heartburn, stretch marks! But it's not all bad. It's an excuse to invest in a new (temporary) wardrobe - luckily we've come a long way since the potato sacks of the 60's and 70's. Maternity fashion is getting better and better and for once it looks like there are benefits to starting your pregnancy on the plus size side! Fabrics are stretchy and you're SUPPOSED to show off that belly.  Liza has been liking Pink Blush Maternity (#nosponsor- they just have cute stuff for straight sizes and plus sizes!)  

Ok so we're a bit split on how the new Lane Bryant campaign makes us feel- what do you guys think? Have they finally started to move towards showcasing a more diverse range of body types or are they just putting us in a terrible shopping headspace?

Our very own Lillian Bustle is a cover girl! Here she is on and in Jersey City Magazine promoting her Speakeasy Burlesque which if you're local you HAVE to check out.  It happens every 1st Tuesday of the month at Talde in JC. Make sure you like the Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming shows- the next one is November 1st!  

Episode 13 - Whitney Way Thore

Whitney has a bunch of exciting things lined up including her book I Do it With the Lights On available now in all of the book places! Also be sure to take a look at her website www.nobodyshame.com and subscribe to her newsletter to get updates about fun things like her Werk With Whitney Instructional Dance and Fitness DVD's! 

We were thrilled to have Whitney Way Thore of TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life on the poscast! She talks about her journey into the world of body positivity and what it's like to have her life filmed and presented in a TV show.  Make sure you check out her Ted talk "Living Without Shame". 

Whitney has also experienced the cliche of "you're fat so you must be unhealthy" - is anyone else as sick of hearing this as we are? The point is you absolutely cannot tell the state of someone's health by simply looking at them. And BMI? Well the formula for that number was dreamed up by a mathematician in the early 19th century and in 1998 the National Institutes of Health just decided to change it!  This NPR list of the top 10 reasons why the BMI is bogus is pretty great. 

Episode 12 - Fat Jokes

If you're tuned into the body pos community you've probably heard about the most recent episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (S.03 Ep. 07 titles "Fat Jokes") and the comedian who made an appearance on it.  In our opinion she said some really harmful, body shaming things. While neither of us watches this show on a regular basis we both happened to catch it and really felt that a discussion needed to happen. 

The comedian is also fairly active in the NY burlesque scene and she produces a show that Lillian has been a fan of for a while now.  But Lillian felt obligated (after chatting with the comedian privately) to post about it on facebook and start the conversation.  The reactions have run the gamut from outrage, to disappointment, to defense of the comedian. I don't want to spoil the podcast episode, but take a listen and please join the conversation! (Feel free to contact us at  bodyposcast@gmail.com) 

If you're local, be sure to check out Carolyn Castiglia's Show on August 18th at Union Hall in Brooklyn!

Since this episode turned out to be a bit of bummer, I wanted to end on a positive note.  Check out this Big Bear, rocking it out poolside to JT's Can't Stop the Feeling -- it'll totally put a smile on your face! 

Episode 11 - UNDAPANTS

Were you guys as annoyed about the dumb Aerie April Fools "prank" as we were? Just as the author of this article says, we were perplexed by the use of body image issues as the butt of a joke. But American Eagle claims it was only SORT OF a joke, to raise awareness for their #AerieReal campaign where they pledge to stop retouching the models in their ads.  It feels like a 1/2 step forward, 2 steps back situation to me- what do you think?

Amy Schumer is back on our radar with her Instagram post about Glamour magazine. This was an interesting one for us and led to a convo about just how fat is fat?

Make sure you check out the #IllGoWithYou Ally Project if you want to help out the transgendered community during this crazy bathroom law time. (We're hoping it'll all be over soon!) 

And don't forget to #compareyourselftocheesecake! We'd love to see your pics if you do! 

AND if your local make sure you check out D20 Burlesque's Event THIS SATURDAY May 28th at The Parkside Lounge as their cast pays tribute to podcasts! 

Episode 10 - Why Am I Fat and Happy?

We were so lucky to be able to sit down and chat with radical self-love rockstar, Amy Pence Brown. You've probably seen her amazing video where she stood blindfolded and in very little clothing in the middle of a crowded marketplace in Boise, Idaho and asked people to stand with her in self love. 

You can read more about the project here including where she got the inspiration for the piece (The Liberators - be sure to check them out they're doing amazing work as well!)  

Amy is big on educating herself, her children and others about the body positive movement. She's found great resources in blogs (Fat Heffalump and Curvy Fashionista are a couple of her favorites) and wrote a great article for Mamalode recommending 6 body pos books for kids

Find Amy on Facebook, Twitter (@IdahoAmy) and Instagram (Idaho_Amy) and you can read more about all of the awesome things she's doing on her website: www.amypencebrown.com

Episode 09 - Happy Butt Tuesdays

Two grannies and literal baby get together and chat! Just kidding, although we are consistently amazed by Michelle Serna's level of confidence at the age of 17! Michelle gave an amazing Ted Talk recently and we were so jazzed to be able to sit down and talk to her.  We discussed everything from Kim Kardashian, to the benefits and drawbacks of growing up in the social media age, and how cool it is that we as a society have the means to change the current definition of beauty. 

Keep your eye on Michelle on Twitter (@michelle_serna2) and Facebook and be sure to check out her Tedx Talk. 

What makes us define beauty as our external being rather than who we are internally? A high school student and past Miss California High School Rodeo Queen, Michelle works to change the definition of beauty in today's society. Her day to remember was the day that she was told she was pretty, but not queen pretty.

Episode 08 - Be Like Trump?

We're only mildly shocked that YouTuber Nicole Arbour has decided to post another fat shaming video, and not shocked at all that it is once again full of not only hate, but also inaccuracies. 

THIS is what an athlete looks like.  Each of these women is an olympic athlete. This picture absolutely challenges the notion that thinness is the only indicator of health and fitness. 

Ashley Graham appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2016 swimsuit edition is the latest in the slow climb to global body acceptance! Check out her TedX talk here. Obviously we applaud the effort, but it was Hailey Clauson's cover (right) that had us really talking.  Let us know what you think! 

This social experiment video about sexy vs breastfeeding really struck a nerve. 

If you're just as confused as we are about the rise of Trump, this article may help explain some things.  We think that the body positivity movement is part of a larger picture of unrest in this country. 

If you're local, Lillian will be performing at this amazing event hosted by My Body Does and featuring tons of awesome, body positive artists 

Episode 07 - Chatting With Kara Waite

Our first venture into the world of Skype interviews! We had a blast sitting down to chat with Kara and while the audio got off to a rocky start I think we figured it out by the end so bear with us as we fight with technology to bring you some super interesting conversation! 

Kara Waite holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Her work has been featured on The Manifest-Station , XO Jane , and Buzzfeed as well as in Roadside Curiosities: Stories About American Pop Culture. Kara teaches college English and works full-time at a music school. She’s wrapping up a novel, Love Is Our Poison, and writing a memoir called Weightless, about body image, feminism, and what she wishes she had known when she was fifteen. She lives in Boston with her dog, Charlie.  Make sure to check her out on Twitter and Tumblr

Also, here is the This American Life podcast featuring Lindy West where she talks about standing up to misguided comedians and actually confronts one of her online trolls. 

Episode 06 - Barbie's Got A Brand New Butt

We discuss the new line of Barbie dolls that have been released! 

This Jezebel article from 2009 has some great examples of doll modification.  We're really interested to see what people do with the Barbie fashionista dolls. 

After recording we also found some interesting facts about the original Barbie. In this article, in which Samantha Olson talks about original Barbie's measurements and how she would stack up next to the "average woman" she says: 

"Mattel was dangerously aware of the public’s idealizations, and in 1965 the company came out with a “Slumber Party Barbie,” complete with a bathroom scale permanently set to 110 pounds.  In this impossible quest to reach Barbie’s unattainable measurements, many girls have developed what is known as “The Barbie Effect.”"

Episode 05 - New Year, Same Awesome Me!

So. Many. Links! 

We talk about a lot of awesome people and things in this podcast and here's where you can find 'em! 

2014 statistics for diversity in entertainment

The not-so-shocking Shocking Research about how people feel about their bodies. 

Every Line from a (Non-Leia) Female Character in the Original Star Wars Trilogy

The Blink Fitness new body positive campaign is giving us all of the happys! 

The Blink Fitness new body positive campaign is giving us all of the happys! 

Amazing Instagram Inspiration

Virgie Tovar @virgietovar

Reglam Me @reglam_me

Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda

Sweet Tweets

Lindsey Averill @feministcupcake

The Militant Baker @militant_baker

Substantia Jones @Adipositivity

Amy Pence-Brown @IdahoAmy

YouTube Rockstars

Keep those feet cozy this winter and check out Sock Dreams who "value diversity as much as [they] value comfy socks and great customer service" !

And don't forget to join the Body Love Conference in their #bodylovechallenge2016 - post your pictures with #31ThingsILove

Episode 04 - The Wiz Live and Holiday Films

We sat down both before and after the live broadcast of The Wiz to gush about the awesome production.  During our chat about the importance of seeing the range of body types and skin colors being represented on stage we realize a lack of diversity in some of our favorite holiday films.  

Be sure to check out the amazing production of The Wiz (available on hulu.)

And watch Philip Defranco's brief and to-the-point take on why an all black production of The Wiz is not, in fact, racist.

Episode 03 - Celeb Chat

We're back! Today we're chatting about Amy Schumer, the best way to give someone a compliment, and whether or not vampires can also be succubi. 

Head on over and check out Rad Fatty Merit Badges at  www.radfatties.com where you can purchase the empowering (and super cute) pins and stickers and read and share stories of fat-shaming survival! 

Also make sure to show some love to Alysse Dalessandro at www.readytostare.com! We're loving her holiday lookbook and message of body positivity and owning your personal style!