Episode 07 - Chatting With Kara Waite

Our first venture into the world of Skype interviews! We had a blast sitting down to chat with Kara and while the audio got off to a rocky start I think we figured it out by the end so bear with us as we fight with technology to bring you some super interesting conversation! 

Kara Waite holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Her work has been featured on The Manifest-Station , XO Jane , and Buzzfeed as well as in Roadside Curiosities: Stories About American Pop Culture. Kara teaches college English and works full-time at a music school. She’s wrapping up a novel, Love Is Our Poison, and writing a memoir called Weightless, about body image, feminism, and what she wishes she had known when she was fifteen. She lives in Boston with her dog, Charlie.  Make sure to check her out on Twitter and Tumblr

Also, here is the This American Life podcast featuring Lindy West where she talks about standing up to misguided comedians and actually confronts one of her online trolls.