Episode 08 - Be Like Trump?

We're only mildly shocked that YouTuber Nicole Arbour has decided to post another fat shaming video, and not shocked at all that it is once again full of not only hate, but also inaccuracies. 

THIS is what an athlete looks like.  Each of these women is an olympic athlete. This picture absolutely challenges the notion that thinness is the only indicator of health and fitness. 

Ashley Graham appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2016 swimsuit edition is the latest in the slow climb to global body acceptance! Check out her TedX talk here. Obviously we applaud the effort, but it was Hailey Clauson's cover (right) that had us really talking.  Let us know what you think! 

This social experiment video about sexy vs breastfeeding really struck a nerve. 

If you're just as confused as we are about the rise of Trump, this article may help explain some things.  We think that the body positivity movement is part of a larger picture of unrest in this country. 

If you're local, Lillian will be performing at this amazing event hosted by My Body Does and featuring tons of awesome, body positive artists