Episode 10 - Why Am I Fat and Happy?

We were so lucky to be able to sit down and chat with radical self-love rockstar, Amy Pence Brown. You've probably seen her amazing video where she stood blindfolded and in very little clothing in the middle of a crowded marketplace in Boise, Idaho and asked people to stand with her in self love. 

You can read more about the project here including where she got the inspiration for the piece (The Liberators - be sure to check them out they're doing amazing work as well!)  

Amy is big on educating herself, her children and others about the body positive movement. She's found great resources in blogs (Fat Heffalump and Curvy Fashionista are a couple of her favorites) and wrote a great article for Mamalode recommending 6 body pos books for kids

Find Amy on Facebook, Twitter (@IdahoAmy) and Instagram (Idaho_Amy) and you can read more about all of the awesome things she's doing on her website: www.amypencebrown.com