Episode 09 - Happy Butt Tuesdays

Two grannies and literal baby get together and chat! Just kidding, although we are consistently amazed by Michelle Serna's level of confidence at the age of 17! Michelle gave an amazing Ted Talk recently and we were so jazzed to be able to sit down and talk to her.  We discussed everything from Kim Kardashian, to the benefits and drawbacks of growing up in the social media age, and how cool it is that we as a society have the means to change the current definition of beauty. 

Keep your eye on Michelle on Twitter (@michelle_serna2) and Facebook and be sure to check out her Tedx Talk. 

What makes us define beauty as our external being rather than who we are internally? A high school student and past Miss California High School Rodeo Queen, Michelle works to change the definition of beauty in today's society. Her day to remember was the day that she was told she was pretty, but not queen pretty.