Episode 11 - UNDAPANTS

Were you guys as annoyed about the dumb Aerie April Fools "prank" as we were? Just as the author of this article says, we were perplexed by the use of body image issues as the butt of a joke. But American Eagle claims it was only SORT OF a joke, to raise awareness for their #AerieReal campaign where they pledge to stop retouching the models in their ads.  It feels like a 1/2 step forward, 2 steps back situation to me- what do you think?

Amy Schumer is back on our radar with her Instagram post about Glamour magazine. This was an interesting one for us and led to a convo about just how fat is fat?

Make sure you check out the #IllGoWithYou Ally Project if you want to help out the transgendered community during this crazy bathroom law time. (We're hoping it'll all be over soon!) 

And don't forget to #compareyourselftocheesecake! We'd love to see your pics if you do! 

AND if your local make sure you check out D20 Burlesque's Event THIS SATURDAY May 28th at The Parkside Lounge as their cast pays tribute to podcasts!