Episode 13 - Whitney Way Thore

Whitney has a bunch of exciting things lined up including her book I Do it With the Lights On available now in all of the book places! Also be sure to take a look at her website www.nobodyshame.com and subscribe to her newsletter to get updates about fun things like her Werk With Whitney Instructional Dance and Fitness DVD's! 

We were thrilled to have Whitney Way Thore of TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life on the poscast! She talks about her journey into the world of body positivity and what it's like to have her life filmed and presented in a TV show.  Make sure you check out her Ted talk "Living Without Shame". 

Whitney has also experienced the cliche of "you're fat so you must be unhealthy" - is anyone else as sick of hearing this as we are? The point is you absolutely cannot tell the state of someone's health by simply looking at them. And BMI? Well the formula for that number was dreamed up by a mathematician in the early 19th century and in 1998 the National Institutes of Health just decided to change it!  This NPR list of the top 10 reasons why the BMI is bogus is pretty great.