Poscast Update!

Hey Poscast Listeners- it's been a minute, huh? Lots of life changes over here have delayed us getting new episodes out for you and we're so SORRY! Here's the good news; we've got an episode banked from the summer (featuring the super amazing Jen Ponton) that should be up in the next week or so! Then we're going to enjoy the holidays and be back in 2018 with brand new episodes! 

We really love doing this podcast and hope you like it too! Whenever we hear from a listener it totally makes our day, but we recently got a message from a listener (Hey Katrina!) who shared her experience with body politics in the medical community. Her wife Trisha had been suffering from digestive issues and when she brought it up with her doctor he pushed bypass surgery.  He assumed from looking at her that her issues were a result of her weight, made up his mind, and didn't look into it further.  When she switched doctors she learned that she has gastroparesis (basically her stomach doesn't empty when it should) and that because of this condition, bypass surgery would actually have likely killed her. Her original doctor could not see past his fat phobia to treat her properly. 

I was recently asked why I think the body positive movement is important and while I feel there are a million reasons why, this is an amazing example of why it matters so much.  Keep fighting the good fight and spreading the body positive love everyone! 

Have an amazing holiday season and we'll see you in January! 

XOXO - Lillian and Liza