Episode 20 - Surprise Boner

Hello hello hello! We're back with a banked episode from July where we sat down and chatted with the amazing Jen Ponton! Jen's performance story isn't unfamiliar (and not too dissimilar from our own stories) - she started in theatre and ran into a bit of wall. Unfortunately the theatre world hasn't seemed to have caught up when it comes to telling the stories of fat people.  But when she made a bit of a career switch she found the world of film and television to be more forward thinking.  She's got several credits under her belt including the lead in an indie film that came out this past fall called Love on the Run

She's rocking the comedy world and one of the awesome ladies paving the way for more acceptance and richer stories for fat people to tell.  

It was so easy to talk with Jen about our experiences auditioning for theatre. For those of you who aren't actors, Nicole Byer showcases one of the many... quirks... that come up when pursuing a job. 

It's funny, cause it's true. 

Please check out Jen on twitter (she promises less yelling nowadays) and instagram (lots of cute pics of her pupper!) And if you're in the biz and need some marketing support or direction, make sure you hit her up at gobeyondthepostcard.com