Episode 16 - Hairspray Live! & Cookie Cutter Eating Disorders

Photo credit: people.com

We're back and taking you back to talk about Hairspray Live! While it didn't surpass our love of The Wiz, Hairspray was a fun night of entertainment.  But of course, as per usual, your fave is problematic. Hairspray has a built in body positive storyline, but casting choices and unfunny fat jokes peppered into the script make the impact much less affective. Baby steps, we guess?

Twitter can be a wasteland of snarky subtweets and cyber bullying, but every now and then it's a source of supreme entertainment.  During the recent women's march in DC (and all over the world, really! Don't worry, we'll have an episode about that soon!) Piers Morgan took to twitter to protest (?) the very idea.  Lucky for us, Patton Oswalt retaliated and the thread that followed was just amazing. It's always nice to see people in positions of power use their influence for good! 

Food addiction is something that we touched on before and after doing a little more research on the subject it was great to circle back and finally talk about a topic that was submitted by a listener.  When you think about what an eating disorder looks like, a common picture of an emaciated body comes to mind.  But the fact of the matter is that eating disorders are not one size fits all.  Not only is it a mental disease (so not actually something that you can see necessarily) but also the term "eating disorder" is a large umbrella that covers anorexia, bulimia, food addiction, and overeating among other things.  What can you do when you don't fit the mold of eating disorder?

In our continuing effort to help you fill your life with positivity, we highly recommend you check out Megan  over at BodyPosiPanda.  Her website and instagram feed are full of positivity and inspiration, plus she's just a magical unicorn of a lady (seriously, she's got rainbow hair!)