Episode 17 - The Women's March

**We recorded this poscast at the end of January, right after the march. Apologies for the delayed posting! 

What a day! From the pictures comparing the crowd in DC at the march and the crowd at the inauguration, to the feeds coming in from cities and countries around the world, the Women's March that took place on January 21st was a great demonstration. I don't know about you, but it gave me just a little bit of hope that the US hasn't actually gone crazy. Of course as liberals and conscientious people we have to look at everything with a bit of a critical eye.  There were several groups who felt left out during the march and personally I think it's important to talk about that.

In this episode you can really hear Liza struggle a bit to sort it all out- join us won't you?! How did you feel about the march? If you're a minority, did you feel left out of the march? If you don't consider yourself a minority, was this the first protest you supported? Have you heard of TERF's?  Liza felt a bit naive during this poscast, but was glad to have the concern brought to her attention.  Seriously you guys - get in touch and let us know what you think! 

For a clearer picture on intersectionality and what it means, make sure you check out Kimberle Crenshaw's Ted Talk.  

The battle has just begun - the march was a great catalyst, a wonderful beginning to the work that needs to be done.  We think it's all about doing the work that you CAN do. Holding the people in power in your town accountable and making sure that they know you're counting on them to uphold the things that you believe in.

Links for awesomness:

Petitions galore - Change.org and Petition the Whitehouse are great resources. 

Action Apps for your phone - Call Trump Out, Countable, and Swing Left 

Americans of Conscience - Jennifer Hoffman has a weekly checklist (archived all the way back to November) for "Democrats, Independents and Republicans of Conscience"