Episode 18 - Sorry!

In our effort to be super inclusive, we tend to apologize waaaaay too much- to each other, to our listeners, sometimes to inanimate objects. For this we are truly... sorry? (no but really, we're gonna work on that!) 

New things are happening you guys! Now you can not only LISTEN to the poscast (right here on the website AND/OR by subscribing on iTunes!) but you can also WATCH some of the poscast via our brand new YOUTUBE CHANNEL

There you'll find some fun extras including things that didn't make the podcast cut.  So if you want to see more of our faces, head on over and subscribe to our channel! 

Summer is finally here and while that means sunshine, no school, beaches and vacation it also means bathing suits, sunscreen, and the dreaded chub rub - but this new video by Miss Eaves has us dreading chub rub no more! 

On a less fun note, can you believe that this ad made it past probably several rooms of people for approval? Thanks to backlash it has since been removed from the campaign but seriously - teaching children to love themselves no matter how they look is already an uphill battle without the help of harmful advertising like this. Do better please!