Episode 19 - Segues?

We KNOW we're not the only ones who experience those moments, when you're getting ready to leave the house and just NOTHING is going your way. Nothing fits right, your favorite bra is suuuuper dirty and your messy bun is TOO messy and it can lead to total meltdown. We didn't need a Dove report to tell us that - but how great is it that someone out there is looking into this kind of thing and trying to figure out ways to prevent it?!

Lillian had a really bad experience with a new doctor recently and it just sucks having to be wary of situations like that.  Here you are, trying to take care of your health and you're stressing about whether or not the doctor is going to be blinded by the number on the scale or be able to address the actual issue that brought you in that day.  Luckily someone has compiled an ever-growing list of fat friendly doctors (thanks internet!)


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