Episode 21 - Fatwood

Hello lovely listeners welcome to 2018 when we here at the Body Poscast promise to record and upload episodes with some kind of regularity! We hope your year is off to a great start! Lillian got some great news - she had written a few essays that are going to be included in a collection called My Body My Words AND she'll be reading at the launch of the book in NYC on March 14th at 7pm at KGB Bar (85 E 4th St.) So if you're local be sure to follow them on twitter and come out for the launch! 

Have we always gotten measurements for the president? The White House doctor has said that Trump's health is "excellent" and published his weight as 239 pounds and his height at 6'3". Say what now? Whether or not these stats are a lie (*ahem* they are) we have to remind ourselves and others that his weight is not the issue here.  There are plenty of things to call him out for and the space that he takes up is not what makes him a horrible human and leader. 

Megyn Kelly said something dumb again! You can watch the original clip as well as her cringe-y walk back the next day from an episode of The View.  For a woman who seems to be desperately trying to change her Fox News image she sure says a lot of terrible things. 

It was hard to avoid talking about Aziz Ansari and the babe.net article (titled: I Went on a Date with Aziz Ansari. It Turned Into the Worst Night of My Life.) We would like to hear what you think too. After recording, Lillian found an article that Liza felt articulated her feelings in a much clearer way. In the end, this woman (Grace) felt violated and our hearts go out to her.  Few women are unfamiliar with this kind of sexual encounter and it's important to have these conversations as (hopefully) a catalyst for change. 

On a more frivolous note - have you seen The Greatest Showman yet????? Full disclosure; it is a musical in the most musical-esque way.  It's absolute cheese on toast and it's delicious! Keala Settle is giving us LIFE with her portrayal of the bearded lady Lettie Lutz.  

This clip is from rehearsals, one of the first times Keala sings the powerful anthem, This Is Me, for an audience. #allofthefeels

You HAVE to check out these (NSFW) photos posted by Roz "the diva" Mays! She participated in a project recently shot by Michael Leroy called Alchemy.

"In this nude series the artist creates images that are exaggerated and explicit without sexual objectification. The images are a celebration of confidence and vitality at its most pure. By emphasizing form over identity, I seduce the viewer to reveal empathy for a body acceptance that transcend the self-image obsession of social media. " (The project is being displayed at The Wall @ B&P from January 25th -April 25th

Fattitude the movie premiered back in May and is being screened all over! You can check out their website and request a screening near you! 



Who stayed around to very end of the poscast?? As always - thank you so much for listening!