Episode 24 - Fat Princesses and Dream Daddies

We don't consider ourselves gamers and it turns out we were missing out on a whole new subset of fat shaming! A couple of listeners (shout out to Branan and Pizabo!) brought this phenomenon to our attention and it didn't take us long to go down a rabbit hole of fat shaming in video games.  This article by Anshuman Iddamsetty does a really great job of breaking it all down.  Fat avatars are portrayed in the worst ways, punishment for unstoppable evil geniuses comes not from execution but from an injection of obesity, and plump passive princesses are kind of the best we can get! 

Image via  Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Feminist Frequency has a great video all about body diversity in video games. 

We also introduced a new segment to the poscast - Your Fave is Problematic! (theme tune pending) - where we talk about stuff you used to love that you now realize is maybe not so great and what do we do about that! 

This was such a fun topic for us to learn more about and discuss! We'd love to hear more from you all about what you'd like us to talk about so please get in touch if something comes to mind!