Episode 26 - The 14th Most Interesting Podcast

Awwww remember prom? Finding a date, planning with your group of friends, deciding what your hair was going to look like, making sure your dress didn't clash with your modesty poncho... ah... the MEMS! A school in Michigan got some flack for announcing that they would be providing "modesty ponchos" for the girls who's dresses weren't up to the school's dress code which contained language like "no cut outs below the natural bra line" (WHAT?!) Dress codes are hugely problematic - they target young women, stifling creative expression at a time when figuring out your fashion sense = figuring out yourself and they make these young women responsible for other people's inability to not objectify them. PLUS, they weren't even cute poncho's y'all... 

Rihanna is crushing it again! We're not talking about her Fenty makeup line (with one of the widest ranges of skin tone matching foundation) or her amazing Met Gala outfit ( I mean... ) On May 11th she'll launch Savage X Fenty a new lingerie line that is way more size inclusive than we've seen from fashion launch in a long time!  The bra's go up to 44DDD and the underwear up to a size 3X - it's not EVERYTHING, but it's an amazing start! We're excited to see what the line looks like but if the teasers are any indication it's hot as hell! 

@badgalriri on Instagram: "savages come in all shapes and sizes!! ya ready? @savagexfenty MAY.11.2018"

Props to Miley Cyrus you guys! Back in 2008 when she was 15 she posed for Annie Lebovitz for the cover of Vanity Fair.  When the article was published she came under a lot of fire  - people claiming that the pic was too racy and she was too young.  At the time she issued an apology (that was CLEARLY manufactured by her people) but she recently tweeted a redaction of the apology which is awesome.  I mean just look at the picture, especially next to this behind the scenes shot. It's a gorgeous pic, shot by one of the most prominent photographers, of a girl with her back out. Chill out. 

From vanityfair.com

Lillian is going to be heating up the hot in Austin this summer at the Buxom Blaze - America's first plus-size burlesque festival! Hosted by Ginger Snaps with headliners World Famous BOB and RiRi Syn Cyr it's sure to be amazing! Click here for more info and if you end up at the festival, make sure you tweet us!