Episode 29 - We're BACK!

Hello Body Poscasters welcome back, hope you’re well! We LOVE doing the podcast and we’re still working out how to make it as good as we can so I hope you’ll bare with us while we sort some stuff out!

We finally got together and had a chat about all of the things that have happened since last we casted - we attended the 5th year of Curvycon where Lillian kicked off Saturday’s events with her Yes act ( SO incredible!)

We got to meet and see Sarah Potenza perform and, wow. Make sure you check her out!


Liza attended the Emmy’s with her husband a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe it when she wound up with several dress options that not only would work for the event, but also looked cute and fit comfortably! What a refreshing moment in a fashion world that can feel like it’s not meant for anyone over a size 6.

Did you guys see It Chapter 2? Our feelings about Bill Hader aside, we were disappointed to see it added to the long list of films that use someone’s weight for a cheap laugh. How do we change this??? All we can do is continue to normalize seeing all shapes and sizes represented in the media and NOT as the butt of a joke.

As always please get in touch with us and let us know what topics you’d like us to discuss, or just drop in and say hi, we love hearing from you!