Episode 10 - Why Am I Fat and Happy?

We were so lucky to be able to sit down and chat with radical self-love rockstar, Amy Pence Brown. You've probably seen her amazing video where she stood blindfolded and in very little clothing in the middle of a crowded marketplace in Boise, Idaho and asked people to stand with her in self love. 

You can read more about the project here including where she got the inspiration for the piece (The Liberators - be sure to check them out they're doing amazing work as well!)  

Amy is big on educating herself, her children and others about the body positive movement. She's found great resources in blogs (Fat Heffalump and Curvy Fashionista are a couple of her favorites) and wrote a great article for Mamalode recommending 6 body pos books for kids

Find Amy on Facebook, Twitter (@IdahoAmy) and Instagram (Idaho_Amy) and you can read more about all of the awesome things she's doing on her website: www.amypencebrown.com

Episode 09 - Happy Butt Tuesdays

Two grannies and literal baby get together and chat! Just kidding, although we are consistently amazed by Michelle Serna's level of confidence at the age of 17! Michelle gave an amazing Ted Talk recently and we were so jazzed to be able to sit down and talk to her.  We discussed everything from Kim Kardashian, to the benefits and drawbacks of growing up in the social media age, and how cool it is that we as a society have the means to change the current definition of beauty. 

Keep your eye on Michelle on Twitter (@michelle_serna2) and Facebook and be sure to check out her Tedx Talk. 

What makes us define beauty as our external being rather than who we are internally? A high school student and past Miss California High School Rodeo Queen, Michelle works to change the definition of beauty in today's society. Her day to remember was the day that she was told she was pretty, but not queen pretty.

Episode 08 - Be Like Trump?

We're only mildly shocked that YouTuber Nicole Arbour has decided to post another fat shaming video, and not shocked at all that it is once again full of not only hate, but also inaccuracies. 

THIS is what an athlete looks like.  Each of these women is an olympic athlete. This picture absolutely challenges the notion that thinness is the only indicator of health and fitness. 

Ashley Graham appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2016 swimsuit edition is the latest in the slow climb to global body acceptance! Check out her TedX talk here. Obviously we applaud the effort, but it was Hailey Clauson's cover (right) that had us really talking.  Let us know what you think! 

This social experiment video about sexy vs breastfeeding really struck a nerve. 

If you're just as confused as we are about the rise of Trump, this article may help explain some things.  We think that the body positivity movement is part of a larger picture of unrest in this country. 

If you're local, Lillian will be performing at this amazing event hosted by My Body Does and featuring tons of awesome, body positive artists 

Episode 07 - Chatting With Kara Waite

Our first venture into the world of Skype interviews! We had a blast sitting down to chat with Kara and while the audio got off to a rocky start I think we figured it out by the end so bear with us as we fight with technology to bring you some super interesting conversation! 

Kara Waite holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Her work has been featured on The Manifest-Station , XO Jane , and Buzzfeed as well as in Roadside Curiosities: Stories About American Pop Culture. Kara teaches college English and works full-time at a music school. She’s wrapping up a novel, Love Is Our Poison, and writing a memoir called Weightless, about body image, feminism, and what she wishes she had known when she was fifteen. She lives in Boston with her dog, Charlie.  Make sure to check her out on Twitter and Tumblr

Also, here is the This American Life podcast featuring Lindy West where she talks about standing up to misguided comedians and actually confronts one of her online trolls. 

Episode 06 - Barbie's Got A Brand New Butt

We discuss the new line of Barbie dolls that have been released! 

This Jezebel article from 2009 has some great examples of doll modification.  We're really interested to see what people do with the Barbie fashionista dolls. 

After recording we also found some interesting facts about the original Barbie. In this article, in which Samantha Olson talks about original Barbie's measurements and how she would stack up next to the "average woman" she says: 

"Mattel was dangerously aware of the public’s idealizations, and in 1965 the company came out with a “Slumber Party Barbie,” complete with a bathroom scale permanently set to 110 pounds.  In this impossible quest to reach Barbie’s unattainable measurements, many girls have developed what is known as “The Barbie Effect.”"

Episode 05 - New Year, Same Awesome Me!

So. Many. Links! 

We talk about a lot of awesome people and things in this podcast and here's where you can find 'em! 

2014 statistics for diversity in entertainment

The not-so-shocking Shocking Research about how people feel about their bodies. 

Every Line from a (Non-Leia) Female Character in the Original Star Wars Trilogy

The Blink Fitness new body positive campaign is giving us all of the happys! 

The Blink Fitness new body positive campaign is giving us all of the happys! 

Amazing Instagram Inspiration

Virgie Tovar @virgietovar

Reglam Me @reglam_me

Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda

Sweet Tweets

Lindsey Averill @feministcupcake

The Militant Baker @militant_baker

Substantia Jones @Adipositivity

Amy Pence-Brown @IdahoAmy

YouTube Rockstars

Keep those feet cozy this winter and check out Sock Dreams who "value diversity as much as [they] value comfy socks and great customer service" !

And don't forget to join the Body Love Conference in their #bodylovechallenge2016 - post your pictures with #31ThingsILove

Episode 04 - The Wiz Live and Holiday Films

We sat down both before and after the live broadcast of The Wiz to gush about the awesome production.  During our chat about the importance of seeing the range of body types and skin colors being represented on stage we realize a lack of diversity in some of our favorite holiday films.  

Be sure to check out the amazing production of The Wiz (available on hulu.)

And watch Philip Defranco's brief and to-the-point take on why an all black production of The Wiz is not, in fact, racist.

Episode 03 - Celeb Chat

We're back! Today we're chatting about Amy Schumer, the best way to give someone a compliment, and whether or not vampires can also be succubi. 

Head on over and check out Rad Fatty Merit Badges at  www.radfatties.com where you can purchase the empowering (and super cute) pins and stickers and read and share stories of fat-shaming survival! 

Also make sure to show some love to Alysse Dalessandro at www.readytostare.com! We're loving her holiday lookbook and message of body positivity and owning your personal style!